The Lightbox Maker and Sign Painter

Bingkai Lightbox Maker

Bingkai means ‘frame’ in the Malay language. From a picture framer, we became a lightbox maker.

Since 2012, we deliver lightboxes to customers worldwide. Positive feedback from our happy customers has helped us a lot. Read reviews about us on Etsy and Google.

Our lightboxes showcase the hand-painted signs and the hand-crafted Tasmanian Oak frame. Each lightbox is one of a kind. 

Not only we create a range of lightboxes in store for you. But we also welcome custom orders.  Contact us today for your personalized lightbox sign. Let’s create a unique lightbox sign together. We hope to hear from you.

Who's behind the scene

eng and ching - lightbox maker

Eng (left) and Ching (right)

Eng Khoo

Eng Khoo, the picture framer, has been in the framing industry since 1999 in Penang, Malaysia. In 2007, Eng acquired the distinction of becoming a Guild Commended Framer, certified by Fine Art Trade Guild, London, UK. He brings all this expertise to his work at Australia, making sure each image is framed to suit archival and aesthetic considerations.

Ching Teoh

Ching the sign painter. Graduated with a Masters’ Degree in Science from Malaysia but shifted to become a painter/maker.  She’s the person who manages Bingkai’s ins and outs.  Talk to her today regarding your lightbox signs thoughts, and she will try her best to make it happen.

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  1. Sarah and Luke Parfett

    Hi 🙂

    Your work and website are very creative – we will pop in to your shop from a visit one day!

    From your neighbours,

    Sarah and Luke

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