Custom BOPBOX Logo Double Sided Lightbox Signs

Very happy to work with Jeanny of BOPBOX to create this beautiful logo double sided lightbox signs. One side says BOPBOX logo and the other says OPEN.

BOPBOX is a restaurant in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. BOPBOX features seasonal and hand-crafted Korean bibimbop, made-to-order grain bowls, and fermented goods. Everything from sauces and marinades to the pickles and kimchi are made by hand in small-batches, with a seasonal rotating menu.

Conscientious of providing something to eat for every body, BOPBOX accommodates vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free or low-carb diet, incorporating an omnivorous and vegetable-forward menu. Pop in to BOPBOX and grab a scrumptious meal if you are in Seattle. Visit BOPBOX website to learn more about them here → Or, follow their latest news on Instagram here →

Custom BOPBOX Logo Double Sided Lightbox Signs
Custom BOPBOX Logo Double Sided Lightbox Signs

This logo double sided lightbox signs measures 61 x 20 cm
Wooden frame handcrafted from Tasmanian Oak, Finished with Teak Brown stain.
Hand painted signs says BOPBOX and the other side OPEN.
Come with D-Ring hanger for hanging from the ceiling.

Custom Lightbox Signs

We love to hear from you ! Let us know what you like to say on the lightbox and perhaps the dimension of the lightbox. Also where you’re located. Contact us today !