Custom Lightbox Sign RETIRED STYLE to Texas, United States

Custom Sleek Slim Long Lightbox Sign

Vintage retro style custom lightbox sign RETIRED STYLE handcrafted for our client in Texas, United States. Hand-painted signs with red text on an off-white background. Framed with Tasmanian Oak finished in Teak Brown stain. Translucent illuminated signs create a vibrant, eye-catching effect that makes the sign stand out, even in low-light environments.

Custom Personalised Lightbox Sign RETIRED STYLE close up
Custom Lightbox Sign Retired Style Hand-painted Sign

Lightbox Details

  • Handcrafted wooden frame box. Made from Tasmanian Oak in a teak brown stain.
  • Hand-painted signs. RETIRED STYLE in red text on an off-white background.
  • Backlit LED lights. Come with an in-line switch and an American Plug.
  • Measures: 84 x 16 cm approximately.
  • No hanger requested. The lightbox is designed for standing display.
  • Single-sided sign for indoor use.
  • The wire is extruded from the backing board.
Custom Personalised Lightbox Sign RETIRED STYLE

Custom Business Signage

If you like to custom lightbox sign Help Wanted with your own twist, we love to hear from you! Let us know how you like your lightbox to be. We are happy to custom-make one for you. Request A Quote!

Besides, we are also on Etsy, check us out here!

Also, if you like to view videos of more creations, please click here.

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