Custom Order Lightbox with Vinyl Record Holder / Stand

This is another creation that we are very happy about. Worked closely with our clients in Singapore. We custom make this based on how they envision the lightbox vinyl record holder to be!

lightbox vinyl record holder
light box with vinyl record holder stand

The lightbox vinyl record stand holds one vinyl record. And the sign says “NOW PLAYING” in RED background. 

We love the idea and very happy with the result. It is great for your home music room or as a décor light in your coffee shop or music studio. Besides, it could also be a unique gift for someone special who is a music lover.

Lightbox Vinyl Record Holder in store

If you like to get one for yourself, please check out this sign in Black and White, available in the store now →

Custom Order

If the black and white option doesn’t fit your requirement, feel free to contact us. Tell us what is in your mind i.e. dimension, fonts, what the sign says, and etc. We are more than happy to custom make one for you. We ship worldwide so no matter where you are we will get your lightbox to your doorstep.


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