Our Light Box now comes with LED Lights!



Bingkai's Light Box now comes with LED Lights


Bingkai Light Box now comes with  LED Lights


Our light box now uses LED Lights.

It’s called LED Modules which is high reliability, low power consumption and have extreme long life span up to 50,000 hours. Low heat generated, and best of all no UV or IR radiation generated.  With LED Modules, we could achieve brighter output with adding more numbers of modules in a light box. For instance, in the “ON AIR” Light box, 2 modules are installed casting a warm and soft lights suitable for most room.  But if you would prefer a brighter output for your nursery room, we could install 3 or 4 modules for you so that it would cast enough lights for you at night.

Input voltage: 12VDC
Colour : Warm White
Luminous Flux : 45 lumen per Module
Power : 1.2W per Module
100 ~ 240V AC/DC Adapter Australian Plug is included (Output: 2A, 12VDC)

In case you need an in line On/Off Switch, we could add LED Dimmer which is also an ON/OFF Switch for you. Please contact us for the additional charges.

LED in line on off switch and dimmer

LED in line on off switch and dimmer


Your feedback is very much appreciated. Each comment helps us to improve.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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