New RECORDING STUDIO IN USE Lightbox Sign, Australia

Very happy to introduce you to the new RECORDING STUDIO IN USE lightbox sign.

recording studio in use lightbox sign

Handmade Studio Lightbox Sign in Red

This vintage-style wooden lightbox will make a great warning wall light for your recording studio. Easy to let others know that the studio is in use for recording, when broadcasting, or on air. It works great for musicians, YouTubers, and podcasters. Perfect for the home music studio.

recording studio in use lightbox sign

Lightbox Details

  • Handcrafted wooden frame box. Made from Tasmanian Oak in a black or teak brown stain.
  • Hand-painted signs. Red lettering on off-white/red background.
  • Backlit LED lights.
  • Measures: 23×31.5 cm (9×12.5 inch) approximately

Custom Lightbox Signs

If you like to personalize this lightbox sign, we love to hear from you! Let us know how you like your lightbox to be. We are happy to custom make one for you. Contact us today!

Besides, this lightbox is also available on Etsy, check us out here!