Custom Double-sided Lightbox BAÑO for Yolqueria

double sided lightbox for Yolqueria
Double-ided Lightbox BAÑO for Yolqueria, Provincetown

We custom made a double-sided lightbox BAÑO for Yolqueria in Provincetown, MA, United States. The signs are hand-painted and framed in hand-crafted Tasmanian Oak frames. The lightbox measures 35×16 cm and approximately 10cm in depth. It is illuminated by 12V LED strip light.

Award winning Yolqueria offers visitors to Provincetown the best breakfast and brunch in town. Patrons finds some of the most creative and fun food in town. Hands down to Mexican folded eggs with carnitas, juicy and crispy fried chicken atop french toast or our healthy protein bowl. Everything is fresh and cooked in-house. Visit them and enjoy your breakfast or brunch at thier breezy porch or indoors.

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custom double-sided lightbox bano
Lightbox BANO in Yolqueria

Custom Double-sided Lightbox

If you are looking in getting your business a custom single-sided or double-sided lightbox sign, feel free to talk to us or, get a quote today.

We have 3 popular dimensions to start with:

  • 35×16 cm
  • 84×16 cm
  • 25×25 cm

If you require a different dimension, we could work on something that the perimeter is less than 2.5 meters, and the length is less than 1 meter.

We love to hear from you. Many thanks!