Custom Pause Lightbox Sign

Custom Pause Lightbox Sign

Very happy to work with Lynn of Life Matters to custom make this PAUSE lightbox sign.

Life Matters offers a range of health and wellbeing services, including:

  • psychological assessment and counselling,
  • employee assistance and well-being,
  • educational therapy programs
  • corporate leadership and workplace services.

Lynn teaches kids how to be the manager and director of their own emotions and behaviors. Boss Brain, a 10-week program. In the program, kids will learn basic education about how the brain and nervous system work, gain strategies to down-regulate big emotions and behaviors, and get to practice self-regulation strategies using the exciting biotechnology game Mightier paired with mindfulness practice and brain education. Kids then learn to increase awareness, ability to control and maintain longer attention. And finally, learn how to pause, slow down and find their calm zone.

Read more about Life Matters on their website here:

And, Boss Brain quick link here:

Custom Pause Lightbox Sign

  • Handcrafted wooden frame box. Made from Tasmanian Oak in teak brown stain.
  • Hand painted signs. Off white lettering on black background.
  • Backlit LED lights.
  • Measures: 25 x 25 cm approximately
Custom Pause Lightbox Sign
Hand-painted sign
Custom Pause Lightbox Sign
Lightbox in handcrafted Tasmanian Oak frame.

Custom Lightbox Signs

If you like this custom Pause lightbox sign, we love to hear from you! Let us know how you like your lightbox to be. We are happy to custom make one for you. Contact us today!