Custom Gold Leaf Signage Lightbox

Custom Gold Leaf Signage Lightbox
Custom Gold Leaf Signage Lightbox, Kain’s Bar

We recently completed a custom gold leaf signage for a client, with personalized message says Kain’s Bar.

She has made a choice of fonts, to follow our Stay Gold sign‘s typeface. And she preferred the Tasmanian Oak to be finished in clear wax, leaving the natural wood grain and color.

Gold Leaf Gilded Sign in Lightbox
Gold Leaf Gilded Sign in natural clear waxed Tasmanian Oak Frame Lightbox
Gold Leaf Gilded Signs

The Lightbox Features:

  • Handcrafted Wooden Lightbox: Tasmanian Oak frame is hand-cut, join, sand, and waxed.
  • Hand-painted Sign: Sign is gold leaf gilded with painted black outline.
  • Lighting Fixture:
    • 12V LED Strip Light
    • North American Plug Input: AC 100V – 240V 50/60/HZ
    • CE Certified
    • Approximately 1-meter cable with in-line Switch
    • 1 Year Warranty
  • Dimension:
    • Width: 35cm (13.5 inch)
    • Height: 16cm (6.3 inch)
    • Depth: 7.5cm (3 inch)
    • Weight: 1.085kg

Gold Leaf Signage in Store

Besides custom order, we also have gold leaf signage ready in-store. Check this out.

Stay Gold Gold Leaf Sign
Stay Gold Sign

If you prefer to shop on Etsy, head over here to the Stay Gold Sign.

Do You Need A Custom Lightbox Signage for Your Business or home decor light?

We hand-paint the sign for you in your personalized custom message/phrase/logo in the dimension you required. Or like this sign, gold-leaf gilded.

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